Broad Sky Networks Celebrates Being Named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing US Companies

Broad Sky Networks is excited to announce that we have been named in this year’s Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing U.S. Companies. Our first year to be listed, this is quite an exciting time for our leadership team and employees.

“We’re thrilled with the steady growth that we’ve seen in the last three years,” said Mike Mudd, President of Broad Sky. “Our evolution from VSAT to 4G services serving the M2M/IoT markets has resonated with our energy, retail, financial services, and healthcare markets. This traction in the IoT space is one of the primary drivers of our past and future growth as a company.

However, our specialty in the area of 4G LTE wireless for M2M and IoT equipment and services is only part of the success that landed us on the Inc. 5000 list. The real victory goes to our strategic approach to the market, valuable Channel relationships, innovative partners, and dedicated employees.

Drivers of Broad Sky’s Growth

SD-WAN Market Growth

The deployment of SD-WANs in the SMB and enterprise provides us with a unique opportunity to serve those markets. According to IDC, nearly half of all companies will consider a migration to SD-WAN next year. This increased adoption of SD-WAN technology gives us high expectations for continued success in growth, as Broad Sky’s solution fits in perfectly for backup connections.

Channel Partner Relationships

As the industry continues to change with new and improved technologies and seemingly endless mergers and acquisitions, we’ve worked diligently to maintain valuable relationships in the Channel. From the recruitment of new Master Agents to training our partners on the latest technologies and solutions, this commitment to the Channel has allowed us to grow mind share of our new service offerings for primary and redundant connections.

Innovative Partnerships

Our partnerships with like minded, innovative hardware and cloud service providers is a critical piece of our growth strategy. Cradlepoint, Peplink, and others bring unique hardware options to all sectors of the business landscape, and by partnering with these forward-thinking companies, we can serve our customers with fully-engineered solutions and best-in-class support options.

Dedicated Employees

The Broad Sky Networks team is nothing short of amazing, and our success today as well as in the future rests in the hands of the dedicated employees that work tirelessly day in and day out to move the company forward. From engineering the most reliable and lowest cost solutions for equipment and services to managing relationships with customers, partners, and the Channel, this team is certainly the cornerstone of accomplishing growth over the past few years.

As we celebrate being listed in this prestigious list, we know that our focus on the strategic initiatives that got us here will play a significant role in the continued growth of the company. “We expect to be back on the Inc 5000 list again next year and many more years to come,” said Mudd. “Our recent client wins, coupled with the strategy we’ve put together for Broad Sky Networks, gives us a real expectation that continued growth is inevitable!”

We’d like to extend our sincerest thanks to our customers, partners, and employees for placing their trust in Broad Sky Networks. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

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4G LTE Delivers High-speed Wireless for Remote and Multi-location Businesses

Today’s enterprises are under increasing pressure to meet customer demands, keep pace with rising expectations and respond quickly to changing trends. To address these challenges, organization require fast, secure and reliable internet access to connect employees to all applications they need to do their jobs. In many cases, wireless network connectivity makes the most sense for businesses operating in remote locations or with multiple retail locations. In fact, many forecast the demand for wireless broadband will continue to spike. Cisco predicts global mobile data traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 47% percent from 2016 to 2021. Experts attribute much of the increase to the growing adoption of smartphones and high-capacity LTE networks. (Cisco).

Enterprises are turning to 4G LTE high-speed wireless broadband for primary, hybrid and failover network connections. The technology delivers fast speeds, robust and reliable Wi-Fi that together offers an improved Quality of Experience (QoE) for users. When evaluating 4G LTE providers, remember that not all services are created equal! Ask questions about deployment time and support options and look for services with these must-have capabilities for the greatest ROI.

  1. Always-on’ access wherever you are– With 4G LTE, employees will have ‘always-on’ access to mission critical systems and cloud-based applications they use daily. This includes payment processing systems, customer analytics solutions and time and attendance platforms, for example. Whether your team is setting up a new distribution center, working at a remote construction site or opening a new retail branch, your employees will be empowered and connected to the applications they use the most
  2. Improve the internet experience and get better backups– Look for 4G LTE routers and networking solutions that have 4G LTE Advanced options and allow for multi-carrier 4G LTE support with dual SIM capability. This gives users an extremely reliable and high-quality internet experience. Not only that, the best 4G LTE services augment WAN bandwidth, meaning the connection leverages 4G, Ethernet (T1, DSL, Cable, MetroE), WiFi as WAN when needed. Solutions that deliver both branch wired networking as well as cellular connectivity in the event of a connection failure deliver the ultimate connection safeguards.
  3. Remote management– Look for routers with cloud-based management options to remove the need to have on-site IT support staff at every location. With a management dashboard that shows data usage and connected devices across the entire network, remote network management is simplified.
  4. Fast deployments– Instead of having to wait for the local carrier to install wireline Internet at every new office , which can take weeks or even months to complete, the advantage of 4G LTE is that it provides immediate, enterprise-grade connectivity− without the wait! Within hours of setting up a 4G LTE wireless router, users should be able to access business-central applications. 4G LTE can be deployed extremely quickly almost anywhere business gets done, so find a provider that can deliver on that promise.
  5. Simplified billing– Look for a partner that offers better value with pooled pricing and simplified billing along with access to the nation’s top wireless carriers. By pooling data usage among multiple distributed locations, customers get the most use of their data, regardless of what location is using it. By working with an experienced 4G LTE provider, you’ll have one bill for wireless services and the flexibility to streamline broadband management.

In an era of ever-escalating data usage and our increasing reliance on high-speed broadband to do our jobs, organizations can benefit significantly from flexible 4G LTE last mile solutions. If you’d like to learn more about how Broad Sky Networks can help you meet your goals with a complete 4G LTE solution, email us at or give us a call at (877) 291-9575.