Temporary Deployments and the Construction Industry

For contractors and others in the civil engineering and construction industry, high-speed broadband has become as routine as using a hard hat on the job site. Contractors and builders require reliable, fast internet access to file project status reports, access and share 3D models, share designs with machine control equipment, other Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The challenge is, construction job sites often require short-term broadband access which can get expensive. Not only that, construction job sites are often remote or are in new undeveloped areas where traditional DSL or cable carrier access is not yet available. Even when carriers promise service by a specific date, circuits often don’t turn up in time. Or they are delays in the carrier buildout or plans change at the last minute. This can be a serious problem because any lag in broadband service on a construction site can lead to costly delays and massive schedule disruptions that can impact the project timeline.

What’s the solution for temporary deployments? Today’s leading companies in the construction industry are turning to wireless services that harness the power of 4G LTE and LTE-A networks, instead of traditional wired networks. By moving away from the wired internet, business owners, project managers, and other users can get streamlined and reliable access to all the business-critical applications they depend on every day. This includes software-as-a-service applications and intense bandwidth applications. Wireless broadband services supported by 4G LTE networks can deliver lightning-fast Internet connectivity no matter where the offices or job site are located. Let’s take a closer look at the biggest benefits and what to look for when selecting wireless broadband for temporary deployments.

  1. Quick deployment- A wireless router that leverages 4G LTE and LTE-A networks is an easy, affordable way for construction crews and others working at remote sites to share a single Wi-Fi connection. Not only that, instead of needing to lay down the actual carrier lines, which can take months, 4G LTE wireless services can be up and running in just days. When evaluating wireless routers and providers, look for ‘enterprise-grade’ options that are pre-provisioned, with a plug-and-play modem/router for simplified and faster installation.
  2. Fast broadband speed- One of the biggest advantages to 4G LTE wireless services is that it offers fast enough internet speeds to support all business applications and multiple users at the same time. These solutions offer mobile broadband speeds that are comparable to those of fixed-line access technologies. Taking advantage of the latest technology upgrades by the wireless carriers, LTE Advanced areas offer increased speeds and carrier aggregation for superior performance.
  3. Flexible plans to fit all needs and changing requirements- In some cases, a construction site has dozens of contractors and subcontractors that require reliable internet access to share project design files or collaborate using VoIP. Or perhaps it’s a small operation that’s compiling as-built data after the completion of a large warehouse. Either way, there’s a 4G/LTE broadband package that can fit those needs. Unlike traditional broadband access that can be costly with rigid offerings with long commitments, 4G/LTE services can deliver flexible, usage-based data plans that can be customized to meet the needs and price points of the customer.

New enterprise-grade wireless routers that leverage 4G LTE and LTE-A networks are a breakthrough for those in the construction industry and those requiring reliable, temporary internet deployments. Talk to Broad Sky Networks today about our flexible 4G/LTE plans and premium support services. Combined with our exclusive white glove service our wireless routers are rapidly deployable, highly available, combining internet access and wireless services all in a single device that is easy to deploy for almost-instant connectivity. Broad Sky is an expert for connectivity in the construction industry, we make wireless work.  Contact us today to learn more!