The Clear Path to Enterprise 5G

Realize the Promise of 5G with Broad Sky’s First-to-Market Bundled Services

Can Your Business Get 5G Now? If Not Yet, Here’s the Good News!

Broad Sky is connecting a number of businesses that are lucky enough to get enterprise 5G today. For most customers, however, ultra-fast 4G LTE-A (CAT20) is available now with download speeds ranging from 100-200 Mbps, and for the first time, this technology bonds upload frequencies delivering speeds ranging from 15 – 50 Mbps. And, the good news is, our 4G/5G router will automatically connect to 5G when it becomes available in your area—future proofing your network for the new era of Wireless Connectivity.

How our IoT solutions work

In its simplest form, the sensors and processors on our IoT enabled devices collect data. Machine learning (ML) creates the possibility of these devices to strategically collect information so that your specific requirements are met. Your devices learn and adjust as they collect information, all on their own.

Prepare for the Future with a 5G Phased Approach

5G won’t just be here today and gone tomorrow. This technology will come in a number of stages based on continued technological innovation and adoption. Be prepared to have a roadmap for the next 5-7 years so that your company can take advantage of the 5G evolution.

Broad Sky’s First-to-Market 5G Bundled Services

Since Broad Sky’s inception nearly twenty years ago, we’ve been on the cutting edge of wireless connectivity, and that remains the case as the world of 5G evolves. In Q1 of 2021, Broad Sky announced the availability of 4G / 5G dual-radio devices bundled with customized data plans, enabling enterprise customers to realize the true power of this technology.

5G Benefits

5G platform that has a clear upgrade path for the next 5-7 years.
Rapid deployment
Seamlessly switch from 4G LTE to 5G speeds, when and where available.
Reliable connectivity with dual SIMS for carrier redundancy
Real-time insights into usage and upload/download speeds.

5G Solution Details

We provide seamless integration from analog to a reliable and robust wireless solution that guarantees zero downtime of mission-critical applications

Out-of-the-box Code Compliant Solutions

  • NFPA 72 Signaling Code Certified
  • UL 864 Listed & Approved
  • Fire Marshal approved in all 50 states


  • 24-hour battery backup protects service during power outages
  • Standard and Dual Sim Failover options for backup
  • Remote monitoring and management

Case Studies

See how our 5G solution can power your business in key industries


Wired failover is likely to go out if your primary connection goes out because it’s subject to the same disruptors, and is likely slow. Our failover solution provides “pathway diversity,” and is not subject to the same outages as a wired line.

With easy-to-install “overlay” failover, our solution enables an IP pass-through with the ability to convert broadband to Ethernet.

Broad Sky provides unique cloud-managed solutions that are designed for zero touch deployment, and can be configured and managed from a single remote location so that you don’t need a large team (or any team at all) to effectively manage your failover solution.

Broad Sky provides management tools to monitor usage and prevent overages. Additionally, the Cradlepoint routers that we provide offer redundancy that keep the network running and enable remote troubleshooting, with no tuck roll.

With our failover solution, you can use “pooled” data plans from carriers that smooth unpredictable data use. We offer a range of data management tools and alerting that prevent overages and enable confidence in avoiding overages.

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