Get Bandwidth Aggregation – Dedicated-as-a-Service (BaDaaS)

Want ‘everywhere internet’? Get Bandwidth-Aggregation–Dedicated-as-a-Service (BaDaaS)

In today’s world, high-speed internet connectivity – especially wireless internet – is no longer the exception, it’s the rule. Businesses require ultra fast, reliable broadband services for running point-of-sale, digital signage, and other critical cloud-based apps. On top of being central to daily operations, think about the last time you were in a retail store, corporate event, or even a dentist office? They probably had ‘guest Wi-Fi’ available. People now expect guest wireless internet just about everywhere they go. It’s part of companies’ broader strategies to build loyalty and deliver exceptional customer experiences. One recent study by iGR suggests that small retail businesses offering guest Wi-Fi see increases foot traffic, time spent on-premise, and an increase in the amount customers spend. Sounds great, right?

Challenges with ‘everywhere internet’

So, what’s the downside? The growing trend on ‘everywhere internet’ is putting pressure on businesses to rethink how they address bandwidth needs. For example, when it comes to procuring and managing internet service, having multiple store locations or temporary internet needs each present their own set of unique challenges. Companies often have to work with numerous regional internet carriers to procure coverage, and it can take weeks or months to set up and deploy. From an administrative and management standpoint, having multiple carriers means there are several vendors, invoices, and schedules to juggle as well. Companies also have to aggregate several internet connections together for reliability, which requires specialized skills and bandwidth aggregation equipment. These factors add complexity, which can cause delays and unexpected downtime for businesses. 

The solution? Bandwidth Dedication-as-a-Service (BaDaaS) 

Luckily deploying reliable, secure high-speed internet is getting simpler and less costly with innovative as-a-service options from Broad Sky Networks. Broad Sky is now offering an internet service that uses channel bonding of multiple wireless frequencies to create one high-speed internet connection. No matter the location, Broady Sky’s managed BaDaaS solution uses bonded technology across carriers for temporary deployments, or for high-speed primary or failover connections. Let’s review the biggest benefits of as-a-service bandwidth aggregation: 


  • Dedicated connections – Broad Sky leverages dedicated connections because they offer a high and predictable rate of data throughput and provide low delays in data transmission or latency. 


  • Available anywhere – Often remote or off-site events – concerts, festivals, airplane hangers, construction sites, food trucks, etc. – can’t get fast enough dedicated internet speeds from a single provider. As-a-service channel bonding takes the headache out of bringing together multiple connections. The bonded technology can use connections from up to four carriers, for ultimate reliability virtually anywhere. 


  • Ultra-fast business-grade – By bringing together multiple internet frequencies gives users access to fast and highly-stable internet at all times. An example includes bonding one Verizon LTE-A circuit (25/15) to one AT&T LTE-A circuit (32/12) delivering speeds of 50 to 200 MB at each internet site. User often source the fastest available unlimited wired circuit and use LTE-A to augment speeds. 


  • Immediate deployment – Whether it is an event deadline or a company is opening a new retail location, businesses need reliable internet from day one. Broady Sky Network’s BaDaaS solution can be deployed in less than two weeks and installed using a single box on-premise.

  • Built for business 

  • Are your customers facing unique internet connectivity challenges? Talk to Broad Sky Networks! We can help you speak to your customers about how one high-speed internet connection, using channel bonding and BaDaaS, can meet their goals. With BaDaaS, you’ll be the hero and they’ll have peace of mind knowing they have dedicated, secure internet to support all their cloud applications – when and wherever they need it. Let’s do this!