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The Future of 5G Based on the Spectrum Bidding Results

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog post, “The Future of 5G Will be Shaped by the Mid-Band Spectrum Bidding War,” that took a hard look at the upcoming 5G Spectrum auction and, based on our perspective, shared thoughts and predictions on how we thought things would shake out with the major industry…

Lessons Learned from Recent Internet Service Provider Outages

In early 2021, thousands of people and businesses in the Northeast were left without internet service, or at least a degradation of service, for a majority of the day when a major ISP’s service mysteriously went down. According to the company, service interruption was reported from widespread areas…

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is going away. What’s your plan for the future?

Today, copper telephone lines that support POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) are an aging infrastructure that’s getting more and more expensive to maintain. Major telephone providers have already started phasing out their support of analog POTS lines – promising for a full phase-out,…

Broad Sky Celebrates Earth Day All April Long

Since 1970 people from all over the world have celebrated Earth Day on April 22, an important event where people all over the world are encouraged to reflect on how we are treating our planet. On this day, organizations, communities, and public leaders speak about the importance of sustainability and…

Ultra-Fast 4G and 5G Failover for Fiber Circuits

Companies today have a need - a need for higher internet speeds. For today’s business demands, the amount of data that is required by companies is growing exponentially. In 2016, businesses required 43.3 billion gigabytes of data to operate, compared to today, which has jumped drastically to 141.73…

Behind the Growth of Renewable Energy — 4G Wireless Connectivity

This month, Broad Sky is celebrating Earth Day all month long, with a look into how 4G wireless technology has helped green solutions make seismic advances. This week we take a look at renewable energy: solar and wind. Renewable energy is the fastest growing energy source in the United States,…

Brace for Impact – The U.S. Resumes the Race to 5G Wireless

History shows that coordinated, national leadership and spending has a big impact on the economy. Now that the pandemic is slowly receding following the successful vaccine rollout, the next target the government is taking aim at is conquering America’s persistent digital divide. And for businesses, ramping up the race to provide 5G wireless services.

If Your Wireless Works, Your Business Works

In order to provide next-level services and solutions, you need uncompromising wireless connectivity. Learn how Broad Sky powers innovation.