Broad Sky Celebrates Earth Day All April Long

Since 1970 people from all over the world have celebrated Earth Day on April 22, an important event where people all over the world are encouraged to reflect on how we are treating our planet. On this day, organizations, communities, and public leaders speak about the importance of sustainability and renewable energy. The need for this focus has never felt more urgent.

Broad Sky Supports Sustainable Energy

Broad Sky is a proponent of developing services and solutions that help organizations run more efficiently and enable the generation of renewable resources — so our planet will remain green for generations to come. With Broad Sky’s Advanced Wireless Connectivity solutions, cities and businesses can leverage next-gen, innovative technology to help take on environmental issues and promote safe, healthy, clean living.

Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day

We are so dedicated to this cause, Broad Sky will be discussing the importance of sustainability and renewable energy for the entire month of April, in addition to actual Earth Day. Broad Sky will be sharing how advanced wireless technology has been the engine behind making renewable energy work. In our Earth Day series over the next month, you’ll gain deeper insight into:
We look forward to providing further details on how our Broad Sky advanced connectivity solutions play a large role in critical environmental efforts to support a clean and safe planet Earth!
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