Broad Sky History

Founded in 2003, Broad Sky has a long history of engineering excellence and innovation in providing best – in-class wireless solutions designed for enterprise-grade connectivity demands.

In its first stages, Broad Sky became a proven innovator in developing satellite solutions for business in even the most remote locations. With an early vision that wireless connectivity would evolve to power modern business networks, Broad Sky extended its engineering expertise and product portfolio to include 4G / 5G, bonded speed solutions, IoT, AI, CSD-WAN ™, LTE private networking, and analog line replacement services.

Broad Sky is a channel-focused company, committed to long-term relationships with Master Agent (Technology Distributors) and the partner community. As a multi-carrier, single-source wireless provider, Broad Sky simplifies the selling process and delivers well-engineered solutions that create a high-level of customer satisfaction and loyalty for channel partners and businesses.

Additional milestones include:

In 2021, global leader in AIoT solutions Intellisite / EpicIO, acquired Broad Sky, further cementing its leadership role in the evolution of wireless technology.

We are committed to being a leader in providing the most innovative and comprehensive 5G technology solutions that not only meet the business imperatives of availability, interoperability, security, and manageability but also exceed the demand to reimagine the future of wireless technology.

Broad Sky Founded

Market leader in Enterprise Satellite solutions to even the most remote locations.


Broad Sky enter the 3g wireless space

Broad Sky extends maste agent reation ships

3g is early wireless, while performance is not yet optimal for all business applications - Broad Sky "Makes Wireless Work"


4g Technology accelerates across carriers

From 2011 to 2020, Broad Sky gains enterprise-class, wireless market share with 4g enhanced speeds and performance.


Brandwidth aggregarion product rolled out to channel.

Broad Sky wins first inc. 5000 awards


Broad Sky wins second inc. 5000 award

Ron Ireland named as president


Broad Sky wins third INC. 5000 awards + first MSP501

First marketing sponsorships across all master agents

Accelerated exposure


Broad sky wins fourth INC. 5000 award + Second MSP 501

Broad Sky regionalizes channel strategy, adds 3 channel managers

Focus on extended, regional reach across all Master Agents


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