Bundling A Backup

Five Ways to Make You More Valuable to Your Clients

Eventually, everybody attempts to build a piece of Ikea furniture. You begin with high hopes which are quickly dashed by wordless instructions, lack of tools, and absolutely no idea how all those flat pieces become the product you thought you bought. Your client probably thinks they can build their own broadband system only to find out just how difficult it really is. As an agent, looking to create value and long-term relationships, your client needs to understand the importance of bundling a backup and when you do, you become much stickier. Here’s five reasons why bundling a backup is important and how it can make you more valuable to your clients.

Backing Up Saves Money
Systems can and do fail. Despite an agent’s best efforts, files become corrupt and data can be misplaced. These disruptions can come from any direction at any time. Your client will find your ability to alleviate some of those concerns invaluable.

Failing to Backup Costs Money
One of the first things a client will see is the cost of backup. Not only are copies of files costly to maintain, redundancy in equipment can be seen as a potential expense they may not be willing to take. It is essential that they understand the costs of not taking these measures in advance.

Bundling a Backup
Most systems need a certain level of compatibility to operate successfully and achieve the always-on requirement your client’s business requires. When you can get routers, gateways and everything in between from a single reliable provider, you can create a system that gives your clients confidence and peace of mind.

M2M Customization
No two businesses are alike. A company like Broad Sky Networks can work directly with you to make the systems those businesses currently have become more efficient, no matter the size or reach. It might be building a T1 or Cable Access with a Broad Sky 4G LTE backup or integrating broadband wireless with their terrestrial systems.

Synchronized Support
In order for you to sell your services to a client, you need to be able to find the highest level of backend support in the business. This goes beyond just the hardware. Instead, you expect the best equipment, competent support, satisfaction guarantees, and of course reliability. Broad Sky offers nationwide Field Services in support of RF site surveys, pro installation and maintenance of all equipment.