Business Continuity Powered by 4G LT

Protect your business from the damage of network downtime.

Today’s cloud-based business environment demands
Always-On Internet. Is your business protected?

Safeguard Your Business.
Strengthen Your Network.

Give your network the cost-effective, flexible protection it needs to keep your business up and running.
Protect your business from crippling network downtime. We offer 4G LTE and Satellite solutions that provide an alternate connection in the event that your primary connection fails, allowing you to stay connected to the internet, voice and cloud applications.

4G LTE Failover-as-a- Service (FaaST)

Seamless protection of the internet circuits your business depends on everyday. Delivering 4G LTE service from multiple carrier networks through a single source, Broad Sky’s FaaST Failover means that your business is protected from primary connectivity failures regardless of geographic location.

  • Automatic failover protection
  • No on-site action required
  • Continuous operations with access to mission-critical applications
  • Maintain network availability while managing costs
  • No additional hardware or programming required
  • Alarms and reporting distributed to administrators for each failover instance

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