Temporary Deployments and the Construction Industry

For contractors and others in the civil engineering and construction industry, high-speed broadband has become as routine as using a hard hat on the job site. Contractors and builders require reliable, fast internet access to file project status reports, access and share 3D models, share designs with machine control equipment, other Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The challenge is, construction job sites often require short-term broadband access which can get expensive. Not only that, construction job sites are often remote or are in new undeveloped areas where traditional DSL or cable carrier access is not yet available. Even when carriers promise service by a specific date, circuits often don’t turn up in time. Or they are delays in the carrier buildout or plans change at the last minute. This can be a serious problem because any lag in broadband service on a construction site can lead to costly delays and massive schedule disruptions that can impact the project timeline.

What’s the solution for temporary deployments? Today’s leading companies in the construction industry are turning to wireless services that harness the power of 4G LTE and LTE-A networks, instead of traditional wired networks. By moving away from the wired internet, business owners, project managers, and other users can get streamlined and reliable access to all the business-critical applications they depend on every day. This includes software-as-a-service applications and intense bandwidth applications. Wireless broadband services supported by 4G LTE networks can deliver lightning-fast Internet connectivity no matter where the offices or job site are located. Let’s take a closer look at the biggest benefits and what to look for when selecting wireless broadband for temporary deployments.

  1. Quick deployment- A wireless router that leverages 4G LTE and LTE-A networks is an easy, affordable way for construction crews and others working at remote sites to share a single Wi-Fi connection. Not only that, instead of needing to lay down the actual carrier lines, which can take months, 4G LTE wireless services can be up and running in just days. When evaluating wireless routers and providers, look for ‘enterprise-grade’ options that are pre-provisioned, with a plug-and-play modem/router for simplified and faster installation.
  2. Fast broadband speed- One of the biggest advantages to 4G LTE wireless services is that it offers fast enough internet speeds to support all business applications and multiple users at the same time. These solutions offer mobile broadband speeds that are comparable to those of fixed-line access technologies. Taking advantage of the latest technology upgrades by the wireless carriers, LTE Advanced areas offer increased speeds and carrier aggregation for superior performance.
  3. Flexible plans to fit all needs and changing requirements- In some cases, a construction site has dozens of contractors and subcontractors that require reliable internet access to share project design files or collaborate using VoIP. Or perhaps it’s a small operation that’s compiling as-built data after the completion of a large warehouse. Either way, there’s a 4G/LTE broadband package that can fit those needs. Unlike traditional broadband access that can be costly with rigid offerings with long commitments, 4G/LTE services can deliver flexible, usage-based data plans that can be customized to meet the needs and price points of the customer.

New enterprise-grade wireless routers that leverage 4G LTE and LTE-A networks are a breakthrough for those in the construction industry and those requiring reliable, temporary internet deployments. Talk to Broad Sky Networks today about our flexible 4G/LTE plans and premium support services. Combined with our exclusive white glove service our wireless routers are rapidly deployable, highly available, combining internet access and wireless services all in a single device that is easy to deploy for almost-instant connectivity. Broad Sky is an expert for connectivity in the construction industry, we make wireless work.  Contact us today to learn more!

Enterprise Satellite Internet Reinvented with 4G LTE!

A closer look at Brilliant Broadband from Broad Sky Networks

Whether you’re a small business, you have several remote facilities in rural areas, or you have temporary internet needs like at a construction site, highly reliable internet access has never been more important. Businesses require fast, secure and reliable internet to keep machines connected, to fulfill customer orders, to run payroll, VoIP applications, VPNs and other critical SaaS applications like Office 365. Broadband internet is today’s business lifeline, and it’s needed anywhere business gets done.

It used to be that satellite internet services were often seen as the ‘last resort’ option for businesses in remote or rural areas. Due to line-of-site requirements and simply the orbit of the earth, enterprise satellite internet was slow and had significant latency issues. Providers would also set strict ‘bandwidth limits’ of data allowed per month. Those limitations meant business with streaming needs, VPN requirements, VoIP services or just those that had several users, couldn’t rely on it.

A new FAST and RELIABLE option for internet

Luckily, satellite services have improved significantly over the years, and businesses should take a closer look at service options that combine enterprise satellite, and 4G wireless.

Combining satellite with 4G/LTE – Due to the high cost of running cable and configuring wired connections, wireless broadband is an attractive option for many businesses and applications. Businesses who move into underserved wired areas need high-speed internet at a reasonable cost to run projects or support events.

Advanced 4G/LTE mobile broadband routers and satellite internet service combined delivers the best of both worlds. They bring together the low cost of satellite internet with a 4G/LTE router/modem to route and manage the most latency-sensitive traffic. This keeps business-critical VoIP and VPN traffic running smoothly, securely and reliably over LTE, while running all other internet traffic use over satellite for a more efficient and cost-friendly option. Combining enterprise satellite internet with 4G/ LTE also allows users access to bigger data plans such as 500GB and over.

Speeds are up to 25 Mbps download, and 3 Mbps upload- Satellite service speeds are faster than ever before, and they offer more bandwidth capacity and throughput to satisfy customers wherever they’re doing business. Look for solutions that combine the synergy of satellite and 4G wireless internet into one service. These options will deliver the best experience in terms of speed, price, and performance.

Reach anywhere in the US- When high-speed internet is a necessity to get the job done, an internet option that combines satellite internet with a 4G/ LTE router gives users the ultimate flexibility and reliability. Look for a solution that can be up and running quickly and can be provisioned anywhere in the country.

If your organization is expanding or starting a project in a rural area where traditional wired internet isn’t an option, talk to Broad Sky Networks. Broad Sky Networks’ new Enterprise Satellite 4G LTE Brilliant Broadband service is the only service that bundles low-cost satellite internet with a 4G LTE router for the best internet experience possible. The bundled service pricing begins at $200/month for 40GB of combined internet traffic. Email sales@broadskynetworks.net us or give us a call at (877) 291-9575.

Broad Sky Networks Expands Leadership with Addition of Veteran Channel Executive, Ron Ireland

Bend, OR – January 2018 – Broad Sky Networks, the nation’s leading provider of innovative wireless connectivity solutions, today announced the expansion of its executive leadership team with the hiring of Ron Ireland as its President.

Ireland, previously the Senior Director of Channel Development at Vonage Business, brings 20 years of expertise to his new position where he will be responsible for the company’s growth strategies, operational improvements, and sales channel optimization. A tenured channel veteran, Ireland previously served as the President and CFO at TMC Communications and as CFO at SimpleSignal, which was later acquired by Vonage. With his proven track record for growing channel-focused companies, Ireland is enthusiastic about his new opportunity with Broad Sky Networks.

“I’m thrilled to be back at a company that is 100% channel focused,” said Ireland. “Broad Sky is making major strides in IoT through its wireless and satellite solutions. This technology-focused strategy, coupled with the installation and solution deployment abilities of sister company, TechLink, add up to a great customer experience and an easy sell for our Channel Partners. I’m looking forward to working with the team to continue their strong commitment to building a robust channel partner program and helping partners get these solutions to market.”

Broad Sky has seen tremendous growth recently, landing the company on the Inc 5000 List of Fastest Growing US Companies in 2015, 2016, and 2017. The company’s strategic approach to the market, valuable channel relationships, and specialty in the area of 4G/LTE wireless for M2M and IoT equipment are the primary drivers of recent company growth, according to Broad Sky CEO, Mike Mudd.

“We’re excited to broaden our capabilities in the channel with Ireland taking a leadership position. His decades of experience and success in building high-performing channel organizations is a valuable addition to our go-to-market strategy,” said Mudd. “We’ve laid the foundation for partners to extend our wireless solutions to their customers, and I’m excited to work with Ireland to help both partners and customers achieve success with Broad Sky’s wireless solutions.”

About Broad Sky Networks

Broad Sky Networks is a single source for Business Class Wireless Internet Solutions. Specializing in the area of 4G LTE wireless Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) equipment and services as well as VSAT. Broad Sky offers a multi-carrier solution that is seamless to the customer providing the best service at each location. Broad Sky offers bundled services with the best in breed hardware for a $0 CAPEX package which allows for easily deployed primary or business continuity services on any budget. Broad Sky’s M2M platform provides secure, reliable wireless connectivity to mobile and fixed devices with the greatest coverage in the United States and Canada. Broad Sky is the leader in Wireless solutions for Continuity, Primary, Temporary Deployments and IoT Solutions earning them a spot on the Inc 5000 list in 2017. To reach Broad Sky call (877) 291-9575 or e-mail sales@broadskynetworks.net.

Broad Sky Networks Announces Strategic Alliance with Premier Master Agent PlanetOne Communications

Bend, OR – January 2018 – Broad Sky Networks, the nation’s leading provider of innovative wireless connectivity solutions, today announced a new relationship with Premier Master Agent PlanetOne Communications, the IT and communications industry’s preferred connectivity partner.  The alliance introduces Broad Sky’s suite of cutting-edge wireless solutions into PlanetOne’s elite group of channel relationships, extending the benefits of expertly engineered wireless services to a large group of US-based agents and managed service providers (MSPs) across the country.  

“We are excited to work with Broad Sky Networks and build on the company’s success by enhancing and expanding its sales reach, partner enablement and support capabilities within the IT and telecom channels,” said Jonathan Hartman, Vice President of Sales, PlanetOne Communications. “Wireless remains a huge growth category for channel partners and the increasing adoption of SD-WAN in 2018 will certainly create greater opportunity for Broad Sky Networks’ portfolio of wireless connectivity solutions within our growing MSP base and high-performance agent community.”   

By teaming with PlanetOne, Broad Sky continues its strong commitment to building a robust channel partner program, particularly with leading Master Agents, that offers $0 CAPEX plans that bundle equipment and installation into the monthly service plans for additional partner commissions. Dedicated to the success of current and future partners, Broad Sky has structured its program to be highly collaborative. Many partners are just discovering wireless services, and Broad Sky’s robust training programs help get them selling the right solutions and equipment to both their embedded base and new clients. For all opportunities, Broad Sky dedicates subject-matter experts to join the partner team and work with them to provide the best possible wireless solution for each individual deployment needs.

About Broad Sky Networks

Broad Sky Networks is a single source for Business Class Wireless Internet Solutions. Specializing in the area of 4G LTE wireless Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) equipment and services as well as VSAT.   Broad Sky offers a multi-carrier solution that is seamless to the customer providing the best service at each location. Broad Sky offers bundled services with the best in breed hardware for a $0 CAPEX package which allows for easily deployed primary or business continuity services on any budget.  Broad Sky’s M2M platform provides secure, reliable wireless connectivity to mobile and fixed devices with the greatest coverage in the United States and Canada.   Broad Sky is the leader in Wireless solutions for Continuity, Primary, Temporary Deployments and IoT Solutions earning them a spot on the Inc 5000 list in 2017.   To reach Broad Sky call (877) 291-9575 or e-mail sales@broadskynetworks.net.

About PlanetOne Communications

PlanetOne is the IT channel and telecom industry’s preferred business partner for identifying and delivering cloud-based and connectivity solutions to small and midsize businesses and enterprises. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., the industry pioneer is celebrated by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies and regarded as a top-performing partner for hundreds of telecom agents and channel partners nationwide. In 2015 and 2017, PlanetOne ranked No. 1 in the Phoenix Business Journal’s annual “Best Places to Work” survey, and in 2016 and 2017 was recognized as one of Arizona’s largest privately-held companies as part of the Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Awards program. The award-winning PlanetOne Partner Program has also been included in CRN’s Connectivity Solutions Partner Program Guide since 2014 and was featured in the 2017 edition of the CRN Cloud Partner Program Guide. To reach PlanetOne call (877) 487.8353 or e-mail sales@planetone.net.



Considerations for selecting in-vehicle network solutions

In our increasingly mobile-first world, wireless access is also viewed as a vital component of everyday life. In fact, according to a 2016 wireless study by Deloitte, four out of five Americans consider wireless service indispensable. (Source: Deloitte). With the explosive growth of Cloud Applications, it has changed the way companies do business.  The Cloud can leverage real-time management and 3rd party applications pushing the need for In-Vehicle Networks. It’s no surprise that businesses and transportation providers are looking for smarter and more cost-effective ways to deliver secure wireless accesses to their customers, partners, and employees. In-vehicle or fleet vehicle Wi-Fi services can be used for several different applications, such as courtesy Wi-Fi services, processing credit card payments remotely, accessing databases securely from the road, powering in-vehicle command centers for safety and policing operations or to actively monitor vehicle locations via GPS.

Organizations relying on in-vehicle networks have special considerations when shopping providers and evaluating network solutions. These mobile networks need to be ruggedized and extremely reliable, even in remote areas and in challenging conditions. Powering the equipment is also a consideration, and it should be thoughtfully considered. When deploying mobile connectivity solutions, the organization should also consider these factors:  

  • Consider cloud options to fit the mobile-network model – For fleet vehicles, transit services, emergency response or mobile businesses; it’s imperative that wireless routers do not need to be physically linked to a corporate network or headquarters to receive updates, configuration, maintenance or troubleshooting.  Those vehicles need to be on the move to be working efficiently. A software-defined cloud-managed routing platform eliminates this burden because software/firmware updates and maintenance of wireless devices can be done remotely, and much more efficiently. Cloud security software and remote cloud management also help IT managers to customize content rules and traffic settings, blocking specific sites or traffic to keep the network secure.  Not only that, transit teams should ask providers if using a non-cellular WAN connection is an option as well. This is particularly important when video capture or surveillance is used in or around the vehicles because users can send large files quickly and securely to minimize vehicle downtime.
  • Look for multi-carrier network solutions to provide reliable broadband everywhere-  When wireless service is offered on a high-speed train or on a fleet vehicle that travels across vast distances, it’s extremely important that the wireless router can support carrier aggregation with LTE and SIM-based auto-carrier selection. Not only that, but the mobile router should also support carrier switching so that vehicles can stay connected during their route. When working with broadband providers, it’s also critical that they offer reliable coverage and multiple carriers options to ensure that regardless of where vehicles are traveling, they will be connected. The right combination of a wireless router that supports carrier aggregation and carrier switching, with multi-carrier 4G LTE broadband coverage will deliver the most secure and reliable network connectivity. Ultimately, this will help users keep mission-critical vehicles and solutions connected and moving.
  • Ensuring network reliability and security- Keeping data secure and accessible on the go can be a challenge for first responders, police officers or professional drivers. Traditionally a Virtual Private Network (VPNs) is used in these situations to give employees access to important data and applications that are housed at the corporate office, headquarters or data center, where ever they are working from.  However, a VPN can sometimes have a slow connection because it must reconnect every time the LTE signal temporarily drops. For that reason, teams should consider deploying a software-defined virtual overlay network instead of a VPN. This can function as a mobile LAN, and it will keep information and applications secure and users connected even when an LTE signal is temporarily interrupted during transit.

If your organization needs in-vehicle or mobile wireless connectivity that provides instant, reliable networks that can be managed and secured remotely, talk to us. Broad Sky Networks and advanced mobile router options from Cradlepoint can help. Email us sales@broadskynetworks.net or give us a call at (877) 291-9575.



Harness the power of 4G/LTE while eliminating risks with a cloud-based security architecture!

The proliferation of mobile computing devices in the workplace opens up a significant opportunity for organizations and individuals to innovate and improve productivity in today’s ‘always-on’ connected world. On the flip side, ensuring ‘always on’ access to web resources can also open companies up to significant risk when it comes to keeping web resources, corporate data and networks secure. Companies need to find the right balance between providing unfettered access to those productivity-enhancing cloud-based apps employees need, and protecting corporate assets from the malicious content or suspicious activity.

To get there, companies should first consider that traditional, perimeter-based security appliances are flawed when used in today’s network environment. That’s basically because users (i.e., employees and partners) are no longer working from inside the perimeter of corporate headquarters, safely behind a firewall. You’re most productive employees who used to be hard at work down the hall are now, more than likely, working remotely from customer sites, airports or coffee shops. Also, today’s most prominent apps like Salesforce.com, Office 365, AWS, etc.− all reside offsite in the cloud and are accessed through an internet connection. This highly-mobile and decentralized corporate environment call for a new focus on fast, extremely reliable internet and a modern corporate security architecture. Today’s top companies are finding smarter ways to leverage cloud security options to help bridge this gap. Consider a cloud-based security architecture and the reliability of 4G/LTE internet to keep employees connected and to keep corporate networks secure regardless of where work is being done.

  • Airtight web and email security– Email spam messages account for almost 57% of the total email traffic worldwide today. Not only that in 2016, but the United States also accounted for most of the unsolicited spam e-mails with over 12% of global spam volume. (Source: Statista). That means you need an email and web content filtering solution that can scale and keep pace protecting the organization. The organization should also look for options that provide granular control of mail flow and prevent data loss over email. Look for in-line content filtering technology that inspects each outbound and inbound byte, even including SSL traffic. When evaluating content filtering solutions look for those that are hosted in the cloud. By eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional secure web gateway appliances, your company can scale protection to all mobile users or offices via internet connections and minimize hardware and appliance infrastructure investments. When filtering policies can be managed and administrated in the cloud for a centralized console, mobile assets and the on-the-go workforce will be protected.
  • Controlled connections– When it comes to mission-critical enterprise apps, losing an internet connection− even for one hour−can mean a drain on productivity. While costs vary by industry, a 2014 Gartner study tells us the cost of downtime is as much as $5600 per minute (Source: Gartner). It also helps explain why the wide area network (WAN) is so critical in the enterprise today and why companies require reliable wireless connections like 4G/LTE to be productive and efficient. Reliable failover options are key to client connectivity, but security regarding cloud options and content filtering must be of paramount concern. When evaluating enterprise-grade internet and security options, look for cloud-based solutions that let you control connections and prioritize business-critical traffic, like Office 365. With more control over connections, companies can ensure business critical apps are the top priority.
  • Ease of Deployment – The beauty of a cloud-based security architecture is that deployment is simplified. The systems can be configured in minutes, and they can filter domains for all internet connection requests immediately. Look for those that can intelligently route traffic to permissible internet sites while also blocking access to known malicious websites. Not only that with a cloud-managed security solution, but managers can even centrally manage corporate policies and set tolerance settings as needed, without hesitation because 4G/LTE connectivity is ideal for running mission-critical networks as well as a backup.
  • Device agnostic – When moving away from appliance-based security, be sure that cloud-based options are genuinely device agnostic and they function across multiple hardware and operating systems. It’s also essential that they can perform regardless of the type of network components used, user devices or operating systems selected. This kind of security solution will deliver the highest ROI over time, and it will provide peace of mind that users are protected wherever they are working from, as long as they are going through the cloud network.

If your business needs to harness the power of 4G/LTE connectivity but wants a more reliable and modern approach to enterprise security that includes antivirus, firewalls, sandboxes, URL filters, SSL inspection, it’s time to consider the benefits of adopting a cloud-based security architecture. If you’d like to learn more about how Broad Sky Networks and Zscaler can help, email Partners@Broadskynetworks.net or give us a call at (877) 291-9575.



Broad Sky Networks Celebrates Being Named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing US Companies

Broad Sky Networks is excited to announce that we have been named in this year’s Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing U.S. Companies. Our first year to be listed, this is quite an exciting time for our leadership team and employees.

“We’re thrilled with the steady growth that we’ve seen in the last three years,” said Mike Mudd, President of Broad Sky. “Our evolution from VSAT to 4G services serving the M2M/IoT markets has resonated with our energy, retail, financial services, and healthcare markets. This traction in the IoT space is one of the primary drivers of our past and future growth as a company.

However, our specialty in the area of 4G LTE wireless for M2M and IoT equipment and services is only part of the success that landed us on the Inc. 5000 list. The real victory goes to our strategic approach to the market, valuable Channel relationships, innovative partners, and dedicated employees.

Drivers of Broad Sky’s Growth

SD-WAN Market Growth

The deployment of SD-WANs in the SMB and enterprise provides us with a unique opportunity to serve those markets. According to IDC, nearly half of all companies will consider a migration to SD-WAN next year. This increased adoption of SD-WAN technology gives us high expectations for continued success in growth, as Broad Sky’s solution fits in perfectly for backup connections.

Channel Partner Relationships

As the industry continues to change with new and improved technologies and seemingly endless mergers and acquisitions, we’ve worked diligently to maintain valuable relationships in the Channel. From the recruitment of new Master Agents to training our partners on the latest technologies and solutions, this commitment to the Channel has allowed us to grow mind share of our new service offerings for primary and redundant connections.

Innovative Partnerships

Our partnerships with like minded, innovative hardware and cloud service providers is a critical piece of our growth strategy. Cradlepoint, Peplink, and others bring unique hardware options to all sectors of the business landscape, and by partnering with these forward-thinking companies, we can serve our customers with fully-engineered solutions and best-in-class support options.

Dedicated Employees

The Broad Sky Networks team is nothing short of amazing, and our success today as well as in the future rests in the hands of the dedicated employees that work tirelessly day in and day out to move the company forward. From engineering the most reliable and lowest cost solutions for equipment and services to managing relationships with customers, partners, and the Channel, this team is certainly the cornerstone of accomplishing growth over the past few years.

As we celebrate being listed in this prestigious list, we know that our focus on the strategic initiatives that got us here will play a significant role in the continued growth of the company. “We expect to be back on the Inc 5000 list again next year and many more years to come,” said Mudd. “Our recent client wins, coupled with the strategy we’ve put together for Broad Sky Networks, gives us a real expectation that continued growth is inevitable!”

We’d like to extend our sincerest thanks to our customers, partners, and employees for placing their trust in Broad Sky Networks. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

For complete results of the Inc. 5000, including company profiles and an interactive database that can be sorted by industry, region and other criteria, visit https://www.inc.com/inc5000/list/2017.