4 Benefits of Cradlepoint's NetCloud

4 Benefits of Cradlepoint’s NetCloud

At a time when companies are embracing the cloud model and remote workers are more reliant on mobile connectivity than ever before, IT administrators are looking for new ways to build a truly connected enterprise while keeping costs in check. To get there, many companies are turning to next-generation cloud services and WAN solutions. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) and virtualization technologies are stepping up to fill this connectivity gap and in doing so they are transforming how business gets done.  

SD-WAN has been proven to reduce the cost and complexity of traditional LAN enterprise networks by automating the configuration of WAN routes. This traffic-steering capability optimizes pathways and reduces reliance on private IP connections. It does this by aggregating the best available connections at any given time. That means with an SD-WAN solution, connections are run over a hybrid of broadband options, from MPLS and broadband to 4G/LTE and even Wi-Fi networks. As a result, SD-WAN powered by software can deliver even more reliable and nimble connections that can handle spikes in demand and the need for always-on connectivity.

Those looking to reduce network complexity, hardware and operational costs, should consider cloud-based SD-WAN services which are taking software-defined WAN even further. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud model, for example, is a game changer because it combines a Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform that leverages cloud, SDN and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technologies together with an Enterprise Cloud Manager platform. What does it all mean for you?

It means simplified cloud-based SDN management and zero-touch deployment of 4G LTE-enabled routers and wired and wireless broadband networks. These more adaptive networks offer best in class SD-WAN functionality, managed global network connectivity and more enterprise visibility, security and control.  Before making a move, review these benefits:  

  • Full BYOD, branch office, remote worker and M2M support- In 2020, IDC expects that 72% of the U.S. workforce will be mobile.That number is huge! That’s 105.4 million mobile workers in less than five years (Source: IDC). That means the need for secure and seamless mobile connectivity is more important than ever. Because NetClould’s model offers virtual cloud network with LAN emulation, enterprises can support this new mobile era with 4GLTE, SD-WAN and cloud services. This is ideal for those that require multi-WAN environments that use one or more LTE and Wi-Fi-as-WAN connections. From wherever work is being done, users will have the ability to gain fast access to all the tools they need, from any device. This could includes apps like unified communication and collaboration tools (UC&C), GSuite from Google, DropBox, POS systems and Office 365. Also, ‘things’ like kiosks, cameras, sensors and other Internet of Things (IOT) devices can be connected to the virtual cloud network and can be managed by the NetCloud Manager efficiently, saving potentially 90% compared to traditional MPLS connections.


  • Subscription-based services lower Capex and Opex- Because the NetCloud Engine requires no additional hardware or configuration, it can scale up and down instantly without making expensive hardware investments. It also reduces complexity because networks are self-organizing and self-healing with orchestration and automation capabilities. SD-WAN traffic steering capabilities mean smarter WAN selection (SWANS) based on application performance and quality of service (QoS). The secret is that the connection manager allows for granular control of when, why and how wireless WAN connections are utilized, which allows for load sharing and failover protection.


  • Single-pane-of-glass management- Cradlepoint’s Enterprise Cloud Manager enables zero-touch deployment for rapid installation and remote management of multi-WAN branch and IoT gateways. This means IT administrators can quickly configure and scale networks across branch offices. They can also deliver mobile connectivity in vehicles (i.e. mobile police force or delivery vehicles) or for remote users. The cloud-based management module also extends management capabilities to any primary router. Admins can perform remote diagnostics and monitor 3G/4G data usage. Users can set up application-aware policies and prepare proactive alerts regarding modem connectivity issues, data usage, failed login attempts, modem removal and unauthorized users or configuration changes. These security and management capabilities also improve the user experience, because connections are monitored from an adaptive QoS point of view.


  • Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) reduces complexity and improves security-Delivered as NaaS model, the NetCloud Engine is fueled by network and service virtualization software and powered by cloud infrastructure. That means customers can spin up virtual networks quickly. That virtual network then works just like a virtual LAN switch in the cloud, with the same level of utility and security of traditional LANs. A cloud-based SDN model is more secure because data is encrypted in transit and includes private IP address space. The NetCloud Engine expands the Active Directory (AD) domain to wherever work is being done.

Today’s smartest enterprises employ a truly global and mobile workforce that requires anytime-and-anywhere access to VPNs, applications, data and innovative collaboration tools. This climate requires a more intelligent and responsive network that delivers secure LAN-like connectivity, without the hassle, cost and complexity of traditional private network connections. Those networks delivered as-a-service that are software-defined and cloud-based like NetCloud delivered by Broad Sky Networks, meet these challenges and provide the ultimate level of network visibility, security and control.
If you’d like to learn more about how Broad Sky Networks and Cradlepoint’s NetCloud can help your business thrive, email info@broadskynetworks.net or give us a call at (877) 291-9575.