Enterprise Satellite Internet Reinvented with 4G LTE!

A closer look at Brilliant Broadband from Broad Sky Networks

Whether you’re a small business, you have several remote facilities in rural areas, or you have temporary internet needs like at a construction site, highly reliable internet access has never been more important. Businesses require fast, secure and reliable internet to keep machines connected, to fulfill customer orders, to run payroll, VoIP applications, VPNs and other critical SaaS applications like Office 365. Broadband internet is today’s business lifeline, and it’s needed anywhere business gets done.

It used to be that satellite internet services were often seen as the ‘last resort’ option for businesses in remote or rural areas. Due to line-of-site requirements and simply the orbit of the earth, enterprise satellite internet was slow and had significant latency issues. Providers would also set strict ‘bandwidth limits’ of data allowed per month. Those limitations meant business with streaming needs, VPN requirements, VoIP services or just those that had several users, couldn’t rely on it.

A new FAST and RELIABLE option for internet

Luckily, satellite services have improved significantly over the years, and businesses should take a closer look at service options that combine enterprise satellite, and 4G wireless.

Combining satellite with 4G/LTE – Due to the high cost of running cable and configuring wired connections, wireless broadband is an attractive option for many businesses and applications. Businesses who move into underserved wired areas need high-speed internet at a reasonable cost to run projects or support events.

Advanced 4G/LTE mobile broadband routers and satellite internet service combined delivers the best of both worlds. They bring together the low cost of satellite internet with a 4G/LTE router/modem to route and manage the most latency-sensitive traffic. This keeps business-critical VoIP and VPN traffic running smoothly, securely and reliably over LTE, while running all other internet traffic use over satellite for a more efficient and cost-friendly option. Combining enterprise satellite internet with 4G/ LTE also allows users access to bigger data plans such as 500GB and over.

Speeds are up to 25 Mbps download, and 3 Mbps upload- Satellite service speeds are faster than ever before, and they offer more bandwidth capacity and throughput to satisfy customers wherever they’re doing business. Look for solutions that combine the synergy of satellite and 4G wireless internet into one service. These options will deliver the best experience in terms of speed, price, and performance.

Reach anywhere in the US- When high-speed internet is a necessity to get the job done, an internet option that combines satellite internet with a 4G/ LTE router gives users the ultimate flexibility and reliability. Look for a solution that can be up and running quickly and can be provisioned anywhere in the country.

If your organization is expanding or starting a project in a rural area where traditional wired internet isn’t an option, talk to Broad Sky Networks. Broad Sky Networks’ new Enterprise Satellite 4G LTE Brilliant Broadband service is the only service that bundles low-cost satellite internet with a 4G LTE router for the best internet experience possible. The bundled service pricing begins at $200/month for 40GB of combined internet traffic. Email sales@broadskynetworks.net us or give us a call at (877) 291-9575.