High speed Internet Supports a Productive Workforce

Extreme 25 Business Satellite

Today, enterprises rely on high-speed internet to support a dynamic and productive workforce. Employees require fast and extremely reliable access to all those applications that drive the business forward and help employees meet and exceed customer expectations. From email and SaaS applications, to inventory, point-of-sale applications and time and attendance solutions hosted in the cloud, each has become a critical driver of business productivity wherever business gets done. Not only that, Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) applications, that enable file sharing, VoIP phone access, and video and audio conferencing bring teams together to support better decision making and better customer service.

However, getting reliable broadband internet with redundancy and backup options can be a challenge for those remote organizations doing business outside of the city limits. Business with dispersed offices and those that are out of the reach of fiber and cable or those limited by slow DSL need an alternative. Luckily there’s a next-generation option: high-speed business satellite services. Extreme 25 Business Satellite from Broad Sky Networks is a game changer for organizations across the U.S. because it offers speeds up to 25 Mbps x 3 Mbps as well as large data plans that can keep pace with the need for always-on internet connectivity. Broad Sky can also offer free equipment and installation for qualifying plans.

Take a fresh look at business satellite:

  • Perfect for remote offices– professional satellite installation is ideal for office buildings, gas stations, strip malls, restaurantss, warehouses, oil and green energy deployments or any business outside of the big city. Extreme 25 offers fast download speeds and upload speeds of 3 Mbps. Satellite connectivity and built-in path diversity also ensures a reliable and agile connection that can handle spikes in traffic. Extreme 25 also has back-ups in place because access runs over a hybrid of broadband satellite connections. This eliminates downtime and ensures business doesn’t stop just because one internet connection is out.
  • Reliable, always-on internet– A wide array of high-capacity satellites, including EchoStar XVII and EchoStar XIX use JUPITER™ high-throughput technology to optimize internet speed and performance for a fast, reliable internet experience on every application.
  • Big data plans– Advanced business satellite internet keeps business connected and growing with large daytime data options, even those over 500 GBs of data, and a large amount of anytime data that’s available 24/7. There’s also no hard data limits. Meaning, even if a customer exceeds their data limit because of several data intensive applications that month, connectivity won’t be cut off and costs won’t skyrocket. Instead, teams will stay connected and can use internet at reduced speeds until the next billing cycle. Broad Sky is able to offer customer large usage plans, higher than available from other providers. Free Equipment and Installation for qualifying plans, virtually eliminating CAPEX upfront.
  • Wi-Fi ready– With built-in Wi-Fi capabilities users can also connect wireless devices to business applications from wherever they are working. Whether for voice, data or broadband or video, advanced satellite internet delivers mobility options that today’s most competitive business demand. The satellite solution comes with an integrated Wi-Fi Modem that includes a modem Wi-Fi router. Dual-band 802.11ac technology delivers a strong, secure wireless connection across the business so users can use smart phones, mobile devices, tablets and laptops to access the applications they need most, whether they are accepting payment from a customer or re-ordering supplies from a supplier. *WiFi option can also be disabled if desired.

Today organizations with remote offices are no longer left with the tough decision of either costly T1 lines or slow DSL connections. Advanced satellite technology offered from Broad Sky networks can help businesses go confidently after new business and reach new customers, with reliable, always-on internet. If you’d like to learn more about how Broad Sky Networks Extreme 25 high-speed satellite internet can transform your business, email (sales@broadskynetworks.net) us or give us a call at (877) 291-9575.