Why Gigabit LTE

Why you should be thinking about Gigabit LTE

Today’s enterprise networks are being pushed way beyond their intended limits. Mobility capabilities are now a must with more remote workers requiring always-on access to cloud-based applications. Broadband connectivity and network infrastructure also need to support a growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and to handle the constant flow of data between sensors, corporate data centers, and big data applications. Branch offices, digital signage, and fleet vehicles also require constant connectivity. In short, MPLS, traditional virtual private networks (VPNs), and other wired legacy network infrastructures can’t keep pace with the demands of the modern business.


The pathway to 5G – Introducing Gigabit LTE

In this environment, how can businesses connect people, places, and things in a way that’s simplified and cost-effective? Today, the answer is clear with Gigabit LTE. Gigabit LTE provides more than just blistering speeds – it’s the evolution of mobile connectivity and it’s an ideal counterpart to next-gen WAN networks. Because 5G is currently available only available in a small number of cities, Gigabit LTE is a new router technology and service that makes wireless WANs a reality for businesses today, while 5G networks are being built.


It is ideal for startups, growing SMBs, and large enterprises because it has more than enough bandwidth to support unified communications, video conferencing, collaboration tools, and the other data-hungry applications users demand. Checkout Gigabit LTE benefits:


  • Faster speeds and low latency – Gigabit LTE provides a new level of speed, delivering ultra-low latency and peak upload/download speeds of up to 150Mbits/sec and 1.0Gbits/sec

  • Simplified branch connectivity at a lower cost – Organizations with multiple branches across several regions can deploy a nationwide network, relying on cellular carriers partnerships, instead of procuring wired internet from dozens of ISPs

  • Seamless access to cloud-based apps – Gigabit LTE provides pervasive connectivity and reliability for branch offices and mobile employees, giving them blazing fast, no-wait access to critical cloud-based apps

  • Shorter setup time – Instead of waiting weeks or months for providers to procure wired broadband, cellular-based connectivity is available very quickly

  • Business continuity – Used as a secondary network source, Gigabit LTE protects against flood, cut fiber or cable lines, or other issues. Down wired connections won’t impact workers on mobile devices connected via Gigabit LTE


Exploring Gigabit LTE routers

WAN networking provider Cradlepoint is already offering Gigabit LTE routers as a  critical component to the pathway to 5G. The router is targeted at enterprises using AT&T services and is designed to fill the gap until the full-scale build-out of 5G. 5G, gigabit-class LTE routers work by using multiple new technologies including carrier aggregation, 4X4 multiple-input and multiple output (MIMO), and 256 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM). (Source: Trusted Reviews).


  • Carrier aggregation – This Gigabit LTE technology enables mobile networks to ‘widen the number of lanes’ for sending data from a cell tower to the LTE-enabled devices to deliver more speed

  • 256-QAM – This tech essentially enables more data to the device from the cell tower at a single time, relieving congestion on the network and enabling up to 33% faster data connection speeds

  • 4X4 MIMO – This capability improves the efficiency of the network by stacking ‘new lanes’ on top ‘widened data traffic lanes.’ With double the number of antennas, it can also lock on to the strongest and fastest signal available at all times


The future of the enterprise network starts today


If you’d like to learn more about Gigabit LTE routers and services, talk to Broad Sky Networks! We can help you make a case for Gigabit LTE today, as a stepping stone to 5G tomorrow. Wow your customers with blazing fast speeds and get help positioning Gigabit LTE as the must-have mobile connectivity source for the modern WAN. Your customers will benefit from a wireless WAN that delivers faster connection speeds, lower latency, and the flexibility to thrive in today’s always-connected, mobile world.  Don’t wait!