Global Wireless is Here!

When you hear the terms ‘global wireless,’ you might assume your business already has those capabilities. Remote workers and those traveling to-and-from offices may have wireless plans in place, but what happens when mobile workers frequently cross multi-state or multi-country boundaries? Do they drop calls, or lose connectivity?  Further, what happens when Internet of Things (IoT) devices, connected to those same wireless plans, are in route on a multi-country transport? How do these devices stay connected to share sensor data or location information while bouncing across different carrier networks? Dealing with wireless coverage analysis maps, coordinating with carriers, and setting up third-party VPN applications is challenging, time-consuming, and costly to say the least. The question becomes if it takes this much juggling, can it be considered ‘a global wireless plan?’

The answer is, it cannot! That’s why Broad Sky Network’s next-generation global wireless solution is so groundbreaking. Through a new partnership with premier SIM provider, Webbing, Broad Sky Networks is offering a one-device wireless solution that allows for simple and highly-reliable global connectivity across 200-plus countries, without all the headaches. Let’s look at some of the distinct advantages of a wireless solution that has no limits.

  • Anywhere, anytime access without disruption – The global SIM solution bundles Webbing’s multi-IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) technology with failover capabilities across 200+ tier one providers. With Broad Sky Network’s strategic partnerships and carrier reach, this gives users access to wireless coverage across 600-plus countries. These capabilities enable low-cost routing while maintaining a high quality of service, giving users access to the best possible carrier connection automatically, without the need to switch carriers even while on the move (i.e., on a train, ferry, etc.).
  • Multi-device support –  Available for both travel and fixed locations, enterprise customers that require frequent international travel, or those that have international offices and facilities can benefit from Webbing and Broad Sky Network’s global-SIM solution. Supported devices include virtually any ‘smart’ device with a SIM card, such as smartphones, LTE-enabled laptops and tablets, and IoT technologies. With no manual intervention required by the user, the solution locates and connects to the optimal wireless signal at any given moment.
  • VPN access through international firewalls – Conventional global wireless solutions generally include carrier restrictions and require users to purchase, install, and set up a third-party VPN application to run effectively. These VPN blockers were needed to bypass ISP restrictions and enabled access to popular U.S.-based sites such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube as well as other business- related sites and services. Through Broad Sky’s access to premium carries, the global SIM wireless solution provides VPN access through international firewalls, so no additional VPN blockers are required.
  • Streamlined IoT connectivity – Unlike traditional enterprise mobility strategies, where a standardized cellular plan can guarantee sufficient data connectivity, successful IoT implementations require considerable planning and site surveys across thousands of locations, sometimes in areas where cell coverage is spotty. Broad Sky Networks dramatically simplifies current IoT deployments because the SIM solution can intelligently connect to the best wireless network on each data session. The platform enables native integration via APIs to track device usage, generate notifications, and provide insights on data anomalies in addition to real-time monitoring and security capabilities.

Many enterprise users today require continuous access to mission-critical applications while traveling, without all the hassles of dealing with multiple cellular carriers. Through its partnership with Webbing, Broad Sky Networks is making this vision a reality, making wireless without limits possible for businesses of all sizes. Talk to us today about how our global wireless solution provides superior connectivity over traditional carriers along with lower-cost data options. Call us today to get connected (877) 291-9575.