Introducing Installation as a Service

Introducing Installation-as-a-Service

Broad Sky Installation-as-a-Service

A sister company of Broad Sky Networks, TechLink is a trusted partner for technology infrastructure projects and wireless networks across North America. The company has a robust team of project managers, engineers, and software developers who design, deploy, and manage a variety of IT related projects for customers. The company’s installation-as-a-service portfolio includes everything from structured cabling, Demarc extension, site survey, wireless networks, digital menu boards, digital signage, security camera installation, and much more.

Why TechLink?

Now Broad Sky Networks’ partners can benefit by offering installation-as-a-service options from TechLink. Services are billed through Broad Sky Networks and partners earn commissions while helping their customers meet their installation goals! Whether customers need a single site install or a rollout with thousands of sites and multiple hardware components, TechLink has a national network of professionals installers ready to work.

  • Nationwide reach – TechLink has a nationwide reach and can provide services and installation for multi-site deployments
  • A track record for success – TechLink has completed 120,000 successful installations and projects have a 99% success rate
  • Best-in-class technology –  TechLink leverages a sophisticated web portal, where all work orders are created and monitored as work progresses. All project details are tracked in the portal to ensure maximum accountability and to keep everyone engaged. TechLink technicians also use a mobile app to support collaborative communication and to facilitate instant document and photo sharing – so projects stay on track 24 X 7.
‘A white glove approach’

TechLink takes a different approach than most managed service providers, which makes working with them a breeze. They provide top tier, ‘white glove treatment’ to all customers starting with how they plan, design, and deploy IT solutions. Senior TechLink project managers review the requirements of every project and then hand-select the best suited technical resources for the job. The project management team pays attention to every project detail for full transparency and accountability – from initial conversations during pre-deployment until the installation is complete. After installation, PMs continue to stay engaged to facilitate repairs, technical upgrades, or provide any ongoing services supporting the installation.

What TechLink customers are saying . . .

TechLink has a long track record of success, completing thousands of successful field installation projects. The company has a network of 3000-plus highly certified technicians, meaning they can meet any field services installation challenge head-on. Here’s what customers are saying:

“Another great implementation. Being new to the company I am really impressed with your group so far. The project updates are great, the techs are arriving on time, are knowledgable and professional. Keep up the great work and I truly appreciate your group’s efforts.”

–  Datacom customer

“Thank you for your help with this project, overall it was a success! The clients have reached out praising your tech and his ability to go above and beyond, which is exactly what my team would have done and what we are looking for with an install team!…”

–  Digital signage customer

“Thanks a billion, guys. I think I will tell my leadership working with you all was the best decision they made since hiring me.”

Digital signage customer

What’s next? Start earning!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can offer complete installation services to your customers leveraging TechLink’s network of professional installers, talk to us! We can help your customers meet their goals for achieving seamless installation, while you earn a healthy commission! All services are billed through Broad Sky Networks and you get paid on installs. Start now!