M2M Growth

Can You Afford to Ignore the Growth of Machine to Machine (M2M) Systems?

The simplest answer to the question of whether you can ignore the M2M growth is no. M2M growth is expected to double in the next several years with billions of pieces of data growing daily, moving around through a complex system of networks. If your business pauses to reconsider, your competition will undoubtedly be ahead of you when you do decide. M2M growth still lags somewhat behind the smartphone systems but, given just a few years, will eclipse the broadband usage those device require.

While M2M growth can be expected, how fast it will grow is still open to speculation. One report considers the M2M world as currently adolescent. With the global usage of M2M systems adding a quarter of a billion new connections annually, Machine-to-Machine Magazine recently wrote “as operators begin to scale deployments of M2M solutions across a range of vertical sectors”, it could easily add a forty percent increase year over year. It has already doubled since 2010.

Every market has phases. The M2M market is no different, moving rapidly from development to deployment in what seems like the blink of an eye. That said, the best partnerships are not only the kind that delivers good service and reasonably priced equipment but also the kind that provide value up the line as well a clear definition of how they plan on developing each technological advancement to your business needs and how they plan on adopting those expansions into your system.

These systems will continue to evolve over time. To give you an example of how quickly these adoptions can increase overall profitability, all you need do is look to the automotive industry. The giant leaps this group has achieved using M2M technology is evident in real-time traffic management or traffic optimization, capable of monitoring a host of information as required by the