Choosing the Right Wireless Data Plan

No Overage Plans are Here! Tips for choosing the right wireless data plan.

 Pervasive wireless access is now a must-have for businesses. And, no matter what type of business you run, wireless connectivity and networking are at the heart of your success. That might include having multiple offices or retail locations that require secure branch networks and connectivity to business-critical apps, such as a point-of-sale system. Or, your business may have several remote employees or sales executives that travel frequently. Mobile data plans might also support a mobile workforce, which includes first responders, public transit, or mobile health professionals. 

What are your wireless plans missing? 

To meet the growing demand for wireless data, most companies follow a ‘build your own’ model, selecting the best carriers for their region. But the problem is, for most businesses no single carrier can deliver adequate coverage for every single location. So, in order to keep employees productive and always-connected, companies are often purchasing multiple wireless data plans from several top-tier carriers. While this approach can work, it can also present other problems. Challenges might include gaps in coverage, overbuying data services, or choosing between expensive ‘unlimited plans’ or those that have strict caps on data. On top of that, having several wireless providers also means companies have to contend with managing multiple invoices and carriers, which can be a pain. 

Is there a better way?

So how do you make the right decision when it comes to wireless connectivity? How can you help your customers feel confident that their wireless data plans will grow with them? 

It all starts with finding the right partner. Broad Sky Networks now offers managed wireless solutions, based on advanced engineering and cross-carrier pooling and provisioning capabilities. Broad Sky’s mobility solutions are unique because they provide reliable nationwide coverage by combining service from the most trusted carriers – AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Our multi-site wireless solutions meet always-on wireless data needs, giving customers access to cross-carrier pooling without the headaches of managing the services internally. Companies can choose from ‘no overage’ plans and others – always getting the very best wireless data connection at each business location, or when teams are on the go. Let’s review of highlights of Broad Sky’s wireless data plans:  

  • Simplified and managed cross-carrier pooling of wireless data plans – cross-carrier pooling delivers nationwide coverage anywhere, anytime, with a unified single-source solution. Companies with multiple offices can share single plans across various providers, guaranteeing the best possible wireless performance and access at each given location. 

  • Zero surprises with ‘no overage’ plans – With ‘no overage’ plans, customers benefit from predictable monthly charge for wireless data. By partnering with top carriers and providing advanced routers, organizations can also spend more time focused on their business instead of dealing with wireless bills and issues. 

  • Adapt plans as needed – Managed plans from Broad Sky Networks empower customers by sending notifications when data usage is trending over the allotted usage pool. Monitoring and alerting capabilities help businesses adapt to changing conditions, even mid-month. Greater insight and control also gives teams the ability to find optimal plans on an on-going basis. 

  • No ‘one size fits all’ – The Broad Sky managed wireless service is ideal for large enterprises with dozens of retail locations or SMBs with one office and remote employees. 

  • Simplified billing – The solution also streamlines billing so that businesses receive a single monthly bill, rather than individual invoices from multiple providers. Unified billing saves tremendous time and gives organizations a better handle on their monthly wireless bills for cost analysis.

Move forward with confidence

Need help understanding the nuances of various wireless data plans and options? Talk to Broad Sky Networks! We know the ins and outs of wireless connectivity and network infrastructures, plus we manage data and connectivity for customers! That means your customers are always getting the best possible deal at the best possible prices, protecting them from inadequate coverage or costly wireless bill surprises. Email us to learn more!