POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is going away. What’s your plan for the future?

Today, copper telephone lines that support POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) are an aging infrastructure that’s getting more and more expensive to maintain. Major telephone providers have already started phasing out their support of analog POTS lines – promising for a full phase-out, nationwide. These adjustments are pushing customers to look at other options to replace copper telephone connections. Many big broadband providers are driving customers to wireless and fiber lines, so what’s the problem? In short, many ‘analog era’ office applications – security alarms, gate systems, FAX lines – weren’t built for digital connections and they run inherently better on analog lines! Not only that, fiber connections are expensive!

Make a plan and act on it

Regardless of the timeline for phase-out of POTS lines, it’s safe to say that over the next few years, conventional analog telephone services will only get more expensive and offer fewer options. As telcos begin retiring all copper-based communication, you need to help customers come up with a game plan for replacement. At Broad Sky Networks, we can convert all of your customers’ legacy landlines to a next-gen 4G LTE POTS Replacement solution. They’ll thank you, and you’ll have recurring revenue for keeping must-have business applications running smoothly.

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