Internet Connectivity on Day One!

Rapid Deploy Internet: Get Day-One Connectivity with 4G LTE

It’s no surprise that businesses in nearly every industry have become more dependent on networking technologies and internet connectivity over the past decade. Companies require connectivity for things such as credit card transactions, VoIP, access to centralized and cloud-based systems, databases and applications, plus internet access for kiosks, digital signage and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices. For all these applications, in the past, the predominant choice for introducing connectivity was Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), DSL, or cable. Downsides to fixed-line connections include limited accessibility, frequent repair issues, outages, and long deployment windows – ranging from 30 days to six months. Even when pre-ordered months in advance, customers often report delays in getting connectivity going – leaving businesses ‘out in the cold’ with zero internet.

Delays in procuring connectivity can mean that locations cannot operate at full capacity and productivity can suffer. Imagine if a construction site cannot access CAD design files they need? Or if a new food truck can’t take orders at the biggest event of the year? Or if a retail location cannot process transactions for customers? A lack of reliable business-class connectivity can be detrimental to the business. Not only that, if you’re the telecom or technology partner responsible for helping customers, missed deadlines by carriers or delayed installations can also hurt your reputation.

In today’s ‘always-connected’ world, what should businesses do? Just get in line and suffer through missed deadlines? Not any more! 4G LTE connectivity is internet delivered via a cellular connection, and it’s transforming how businesses connect. With the right 4G LTE mobile networking solution, a company’s new location won’t be left ‘out in the cold.’ Instead, organizations can get connected from day one.

At Broad Sky Networks, we deliver a powerful, immediately-deployable solution for temporary or full-time connectivity. Our solution is fully configured, static IP-enabled, and enterprise-grade ready – it’s perfectly matched for today’s modern business. It offers speed and reliability required for VoIP solutions, IPsec, VPN, VDT, and Citrix support. If you’re a managed service provider (MSP) or technology partner we can help your customers get connected quickly, avoiding the headaches and disappointments of fixed-line deployments. Let’s look at common scenarios ideal for 4G LTE connectivity.

  • ‘Pop up’ connectivity or temporary or remote connections – On top of providing rapid connectivity for sites where a fixed-line installation is delayed, 4G LTE connection can also provide ‘pop-up’ or temporary connectivity at locations where conventional fixed-lines aren’t readily available. This might include mobile access for emergency service vehicles or stations, retail pop-up stores, outdoor events, or remote work sites such as construction trailers. A mobile networking solution from Broad Sky can instantly deliver fast, secure and reliable connectivity to nearly any location. Teams can run business-critical applications such as Point of Sale and provide connectivity service to employees and customers to drive productivity. Another benefit? On top of day-one connectivity, the service is also portable, so it can move to where it’s needed most.
  • Failover connectivity – Rapid deploy 4G LTE internet can also serve as a failover connection for corporate sites or branch offices once fixed lines are up and running. The cellular-backed solution can integrate with wired connectivity solutions for greater resiliency, keeping businesses connected even if their primary connection fails. This capability extends the value of 4G LTE solution and gives companies peace of mind knowing they’ll have connectivity, no matter what.
  • ‘Cutting the wire’ – Advancements in speed and reliability make 4G LTE connectivity a true alternative to ‘fixed line’ solutions. 4G LTE networking technologies use multiple operators, combining cellular signals within a single solution. Built-in redundancy makes it possible for organizations to ‘cut the wire’ to their primary connectivity solutions. Another benefit is that 4G networking solutions are cloud managed. Teams can manage and monitor all devices remotely, even extending the policies of ‘corporate network’ to the network edge.

Waiting on carriers and delayed fixed-line internet deployments can be devastating to a business. Missed deadlines can result in inefficient operations, lagging customer service, and huge costs to the organization. Stop the cycle! At Broad Sky Networks, we deliver a truly rapid deploy internet solution. Give us a call and let us help you start ‘wowing’ customers from day one.