Gold Standard Wireless - Quality Matters

Why Your Customers Need Gold Standard Wireless….Quality Matters

The internet is no longer a luxury item, it’s an integral part of every business. As companies push more and more applications to the cloud their reliance and survival rely on their connectivity to the cloud! To meet these demands, there’s an increasing need for faster speeds and a network that can handle the capacity of today’s Cloud Applications. But, with more options and features available for business-grade wireless, the market has also become much more confusing and cluttered. Carriers are promoting cheaper IoT and Machine to Machine (M2M) wireless solutions that are marketed as ‘business-grade’ wireless when in actuality they don’t deliver the speeds or high-availability required. So what are businesses doing to overcome wireless internet challenges?

A lot of companies are going with the ‘hope for the best’ method, which, unfortunately, misses the mark and can lead to tarnished business reputations. Leading companies, however, are taking a different path. They are turning to their technology partners (like you!) for guidance about selecting their right enterprise wireless solutions. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about enterprise-grade wireless options.

  • Think about how wireless integrates with a customer’s overall environment – Today most enterprises have a hybrid mix of traditional IT and new cloud-hosted application. This dynamic environment dramatically impacts the requirements for connectivity between branch offices, plus connections to cloud services (i.e. Office 365, Salesforce, etc.). Corporate Wi-Fi is just one more piece of the puzzle. When looking at deployment options, consider those that have unified management capabilities. Customers want web-based tools for viewing VPN and WiFi performance, and things like inventory, configuration, and bandwidth usage. With analytics and web-based management capabilities, organizations will have visibility across their entire connectivity infrastructure, including managed WiFi networks, broadband, MPLS VPN, and access to cloud services.
  • Be wary of ‘business-grade’ options – While there are multiple options available for speed and latency that are touted as ‘business grade’ wireless, the fact remains that not all wireless packages can support enterprise functions like VoIP, IPSec VPN, VDN or video applications. Be confident that your wireless internet partner can deliver superior throughput, maximum performance, and extensive coverage for each customer deployment.
  • Make sure the equipment being used is the latest Chip Set for Carrier Aggregation – As the carriers have poured money and resources into upgrading their wireless networks for faster speeds and more bandwidth, a customers connection is only as good as the receiving equipment. You want to make sure you are looking at Category 6 or higher in the equipment deployed in your wireless connections. Category 6 Modem or higher provides access to the additional bands available on all the carriers providing faster speeds, more bandwidth and Carrier aggregation for the fastest performance at each location.
  • Why is everyone talking about Cat-M1 and when should it be used? Cat-M1 is just one of the technologies that are paving the way for 5G networks. Many believe that M1 marks a step closer to carriers delivering cellular-based IoT capabilities. While still being improved upon and further developed, LTE Cat M1 technology offers significant enhancements over Cat 1 such as ease of integration, battery life, and coverage. Once Cat-M1 goes mainstream, it will mean lower cost IoT projects, and enhanced flexibility. If your customers are looking for next-gen connectivity for large-scale IoT projects, you should look into the availability of Cat-M1.

The demand for secure, enterprise-grade wireless internet options is pushing leading companies and technology partners to cut through the clutter to bring next-generation wireless networks to life.                 

Whether a business requires wireless internet at multiple branch offices to support VoIP, or connectivity for M2M communications, Gold Standard Wireless from Broad Sky Networks can help you get there. At Broad Sky Networks, we engineer the fastest possible connections at every location. We also offer a winning pre-install process that simplifies installation, and makes partners look good! While carriers have segmented their wireless offerings and networks into categories like ‘good, better, and best’ you’re customers always deserve the best! Let Broad Sky Networks help you deliver. Your customers will love it!