Broad Sky Networks Partners with ZeroOutages

ZeroOutages Partners with Broad Sky Networks for Wireless Connectivity

ZeroOutages ( an industry leading supplier of SD-WAN services, and Broad Sky Networks (, a Managed Service Provider of LTE based wireless internet, today announced their partnership to offer the ZeroOutages SD-WAN solution for wireless internet failover, primary internet, and out of band management.

This strategic partnership focuses on supporting ZeroOutages’ strategy, providing the best possible connection quality via fiber, cable, copper, or wireless connectivity. Broad Sky Networks’ router based connectivity provides real time diagnostics of signal quality, dual sim/dual carrier coverage, and the newest frequency aggregation “CAT6 LTE” which supports the highest speeds available from the major wireless providers.

“ZeroOutages SD-WAN enables the highest possible quality of service using its intelligent link aggregation and best path routing functionality,” stated Daren French, VP of Development for Zero Outages. “With Broad Sky Networks, we wanted to make available wireless connectivity that matched that singular focus on best in class connectivity and speed.”

“We’re excited to be part of the ZeroOutages solution for SD-WAN,” remarked Mike Mudd, President of Broad Sky Networks. “14 years of delivering wireless solutions has taught us that quality and design matter. Customers will notice the performance difference on our router powered wireless solution, providing the speed and reliability they need to run their business.”

ZeroOutages’ SD-WAN solutions include unique and patent-intelligent WAN routing with Site2Site and Dynamic Throttling technology that surpasses standard link QoS in order to deliver the highest possible throughput and quality on any Internet connection.

Broad Sky Networks Router Based connectivity for wireless delivers frequency aggregation on the new LTE-A platform and proven industrial grade routers supporting VPN tunneling, VoIP calling, and highly secure transactions.

The service is available today by combining ZeroOutages with Broad Sky Networks as an integrated service offering.
About Broad Sky Networks
Broad Sky is dedicated to providing cost-effective, timely and reliable solutions. We engineer the very best network service providers, hardware vendors and cloud services into robust solutions specific for each of our clients’ M2M/IoT requirements for primary or redundant connectivity. Simply said, Broad Sky puts more 9’s in your network uptime because they live and breathe wireless services.

About ZeroOutages
ZeroOutages is the world’s first carrier neutral managed service provider for WAN circuits. Providing Network Monitoring, QoS Optimization, and Redundancy for Internet and wide-area-network links. ZeroOutages ensures uptime for our customers through an array of patented WAN management tools.