Smart Hospitality leverages IoT devices, AI, and “always-on” connectivity to create a better guest and resident experience with streamlined management systems for staff, managers, and administrators. You can increase efficiency and lower costs by using automated solutions.


With Broad Sky, incorporate integrated IoT, AI, and ultra-fast wireless connectivity from a single-source provider. As a leader in wireless connectivity solutions for the last two decades, trust Broad Sky for providing a strong foundation to utilize next-gen solutions that give you an edge over your competition. With AI + IoT and wireless connectivity, hospitality and building owners, managers, and staff have access to countless benefits, such as:

Smart services for guests and resident comfort

Improved maintenance processes


and safety

5G in Hospitality

  • Leverage wireless back-up in the event of an Internet service interruption.
  • Secure, always-on internet with diverse path failover Internet.
  • Stay Mobile with secure, multi-carrier connectivity for Mobile Hospitality.
  • Replace LTE for Analog lines and reduce costs
  • Create a Private LTE / 5G network
  • Deal with one nationwide provider with broad carrier diversity.


With IoT and AI data reporting, managers have access to the real-time data they need to gain insights into areas of improvement for their customers and operations.


See how our solution works


Wired failover is likely to go out if your primary connection goes out because it’s subject to the same disruptors, and is likely slow. Our failover solution provides “pathway diversity,” and is not subject to the same outages as a wired line.

With easy-to-install “overlay” failover, our solution enables an IP pass-through with the ability to convert broadband to Ethernet.

Broad Sky provides unique cloud-managed solutions that are designed for zero touch deployment, and can be configured and managed from a single remote location so that you don’t need a large team (or any team at all) to effectively manage your failover solution.

Broad Sky provides management tools to monitor usage and prevent overages. Additionally, the Cradlepoint routers that we provide offer redundancy that keep the network running and enable remote troubleshooting, with no tuck roll.

With our failover solution, you can use “pooled” data plans from carriers that smooth unpredictable data use. We offer a range of data management tools and alerting that prevent overages and enable confidence in avoiding overages.

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