Next-generation wireless connectivity powering public safety and utilities management solutions


Organizations adopt emerging technology like AIoT solutions to gain customer insights and enhance operations and workflows. Broad Sky offers the fastest, most reliable wireless connectivity options to power innovative technologies that grow their business and revenue streams.


Making sure those that frequent your building feel safe as well as ensuring the property is protected against unlawful activity is a large undertaking, and can require considerable assets and man-hours.

Incorporate robust, high-powered wireless connectivity to support innovative AIoT solutions to help professionals get up and running quickly. With the right solutions in place, managers receive actionable insights based on a wide range of data from the facility, arming them with the ability to address potential issues or concerns so proactive measures can be taken.


Maintaining a “well” building through proper maintenance (HVAC, water, electric) is critical in supporting continuous operations. To augment facility manager responsibilities, IoT sensors can be utilized for many of these systems and paired with AI-enhanced software to continuously monitor and alert on certain thresholds, indicating that intervention might be needed. In order to react to these alerts in real time, you need an enterprise-grade wireless solution with failover capabilities so that your solutions are always up and running.


The powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence and IoT (AIoT) allows property managers to understand and react to their environment in real time, bolster safety measures, and increase operational workflows and management. Real-time analytics provide property managers with actionable data to more quickly adopt next-level services and solutions that directly impact their roles and responsibilities.


Wired failover is likely to go out if your primary connection goes out because it’s subject to the same disruptors, and is likely slow. Our failover solution provides “pathway diversity,” and is not subject to the same outages as a wired line.

Broad Sky provides unique cloud-managed solutions that are designed for zero touch deployment, and can be configured and managed from a single remote location so that you don’t need a large team (or any team at all) to effectively manage your failover solution.

Broad Sky provides management tools to monitor usage and prevent overages. Additionally, the Cradlepoint routers that we provide offer redundancy that keep the network running and enable remote troubleshooting, with no tuck roll. 

With our failover solution, you can use “pooled” data plans from carriers that smooth unpredictable data use. We offer a range of data management tools and alerting that prevent overages and enable confidence in avoiding overages. 

With easy-to-install “overlay” failover, our solution enables an IP pass-through with the ability to convert broadband to Ethernet.

Are you ready to take advantage of all the benefits that come along with Broad Sky’s blazing fast wireless connectivity solutions, but not sure where to start? Get in touch with a Broad Sky expert today!

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